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Immigration Law

Immigration is not an easy transition for most. Along with the cultural adjustment the legal adjustment can take more time than expected. This process can take years to finalize the…
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Requirements Of A Patent in the US

What is a PatentIf you have an idea—whether formed out of necessity or a creative accident—a patent is usually the next step to consider. This is crucial to protect your…
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Where To Start With Contracts And Agreements

Legal Contracts and LicensingContracts and formal agreements are set in place to protect individual parties as business transactions take place. They can make or break a deal should they be…
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Securing and Protecting your Domain

Domain V. Domain NameEvery domain and domain name is unique. Your domain is a place people can go when scouring the internet. Just like your home or office space is…
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Web Apps and Intellectual Property

It is no secret that the internet and social media specifically are at the center of our everyday lives. Apps such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and similar platforms make it…
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Help With Litigation

Legal remedy can be sought by businesses and individuals who need help solving a dispute. This legal remedy is referred to as  litigation. Through the process of litigation, the parties…
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Computer Law and Intellectual Property

Greenberg & Lieberman are not just an intellectual property law firm. With the various backgrounds in economic, sociology, technology and more our team possesses we deal in many facets of…
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Owning a Copyright

Expressing something in a fixed format opens the door to copyright ownership. A United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) patent attorney search will show according to the copyright laws…
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Understanding a Trademark

What is a Trademark?A trademark is intellectual property consisting of  an easily identifiable design or symbol such as logo, colors and more. Some of the largest brands are easily recognized…

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