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Contracts are established so that all involved parties deliver services in a mutually beneficial agreement. When one or more parties fail to fulfill their obligations, this can make the contract null. Once an individual signs a contract, they should fulfill any expectations outlined in the contract. If those expectations can’t be fulfilled, it is time to contact a breach of contract lawyer to explore what you should do.

There are two types of breaches of contract: a minor and a material breach. Depending on the type of contract breach you experienced, you can take several steps to remedy the situation. Contact Greenberg & Lieberman now for a free consultation on breach of contract lawsuits.

Signing Legal Contracts


What is a Breach of Contract?

A breach of contract is a situation in which one or both parties involved in the agreement do not uphold their end of the deal. A contract dispute can occur for various reasons, such as one party failing to perform duties under the agreed-upon terms, making changes to the contract without informing the other party, or refusing to pay upon delivery of goods. The breaching party may have caused serious damages that negatively impacted your business. When this is the case, you can receive legal guidance from contract lawyers.

What To Do After A Breach Of Contract

The breaching party will probably try to avoid being held accountable for their actions. You can only receive damages after your contract lawyer proves that the other party invalidated your written contract. If you believe that your contract has been breached, there are a few steps you should take to ensure that your legal rights are protected. This is so that you have a chance to recoup any financial losses or damages incurred as a result of the breach. You can take the following actions to make sure that you are compensated for your contract claim:

Document What Happened

Document all interactions with the other party involved in the contract. This includes any phone calls, emails, and written correspondence. Keep a record of any face-to-face interactions that were related to the contract. You should let your breach of contract attorney know exactly what occurred with the breaching party.

Contact a Contract Attorney

Attend a consultation with your contract attorney after you’ve gathered enough information about your breach of contract. You should do this as soon as the other party has breached the terms of your agreement. Your lawyer will help you assess the situation, gather evidence to support your case, and take the necessary steps to protect your legal rights. Your contract attorney will also make sure that you are fairly compensated for any lost damages.

Draft Documents With Your Contract Law Attorney

After the breach of contract, your lawyer will draft a formal notice of breach letter addressed to the other party. If there were two or more parties, they would each receive this breach of contract notice letter. This letter should outline exactly which terms of the deal were not upheld and what you would like them to do to resolve the issue.

The Breach is Addressed

You will receive responses from the other parties regarding how they will do what the contract requires. Whether the breaching party must provide a specific performance, pay for actual damages, or pay money owed, they must remedy the situation. The aggrieved party must be treated fairly after the breach occurs, even if it was just a partial breach. If the defendant doesn’t fulfill their agreement or compensate you for monetary damages, then your DC breach of contract lawyer will take legal action. Your contract is legally binding, and if there are compensatory damages, your attorney will represent you in court if the other party refuses to negotiate.


If you are unable to come to a resolution with the other party, your lawyer can help file a civil lawsuit against them to recover any financial losses or damages incurred as a result of the breach of contract.

Contract Ripped In Half

The Four Types Of Breach Of Contract Cases

If the other party fails to deliver on your contract, you can seek compensation. When a contract fails, it could be for any of the following reasons:

Anticipatory Breach

When a contract is not fulfilled because the other party stated that they won’t perform their obligations before it expires, this is an anticipatory breach. When the other party refuses to fulfill their end of the contract, your attorney can help get you compensated.

Actual Breach

An actual breach of contract occurs when the other party has already broken their agreement. The damages you have suffered have already occurred, and you suffered losses.

Material Breach

This type of breach of contract occurs when one party breaks a legally binding agreement in such a way that there can be no solution.

Minor Breach

Minor breaches in contractual agreements happen when some parts of the contract are delivered, but one party didn’t complete the other parts. This can be resolved with legal action.

Breach Of Contract Damages

Compensatory Damages

Also known as actual damages, compensatory damages refers to any losses that the non-breaching party experienced because of the breach of contract. This includes any financial losses or damages they experience as a result of the breach, including any unpaid fees, lost profits, and other related expenses.

Nominal Damages

These are damages awarded to the non-breaching party when there were non-material breaches and no financial damages. However, they can still be awarded nominal damages because their rights were violated.

Liquidated Damages

Liquidated damages are harder to define and are considered to be intangible losses. A specific sum of money can be paid to you in a breach of contract when the losses are hard to estimate. Your attorney can present how much you should be owed or the court can decide what is the best approach for fair compensation.

Punitive Damages

These are damages awarded in addition to the financial losses incurred as a way to punish the other party for breaking the terms of your agreement. Punitive damages can include legal fees and court costs after your attorney took legal action.

Breach Of Contract FAQs

When the other party neglects their obligations and agreements with you, this becomes a legal problem. According to the law, they must fulfill their agreement. Common questions regarding breach of contract cases include the following:

What are the damages for a breach of contract?

In certain circumstances, you can be compensated for damages resulting from a breach of contract. These include compensatory damages, nominal damages, liquidated damages, and punitive damages.

What are the four types of contract breaches?

The four main types include a minor breach, material breach, anticipatory breach, or an actual breach of contract.

What counts as a breach of contract in Washington, DC?

Washington, DC counts oral agreements, written contracts, and even implied agreements as a contract. The best contracts are written on paper and signed; however, other agreements, such as verbal contracts, that involve results and revenue can be treated as contracts as well.

How long can I wait to file a breach of contract claim as a business owner?

In Washington, DC, you can file a breach of contract claim for your business in four years. In some circumstances, the statute of limitations can be shortened or lengthened.

How A Breach of Contract Lawyer Can Help You

A breach of contract lawyer can help you assess the situation, gather evidence to support your case, and take whatever legal steps are necessary to protect your rights. A breach of contract lawyer has in-depth knowledge of business contract law and can guide you through every step of the process. They can help you understand what is happening throughout the litigation process.

A business contract attorney can help ensure that your legal rights are protected. They do this so that you stand a chance of recovering any financial losses or damages incurred due to the breach. Contact our reputable team to learn more about working with a breach-of-contract lawyer today.

Contact a DC Breach Of Contract Lawyer In Washington

When two or more parties completely or partially fail to fulfill their responsibilities, you can begin negotiating with the services of a Washington attorney. You should do this when you notice that the other party breaches a legal obligation within the time frame specified in the contract’s terms or when one or more parties neglect to execute the contract. In other cases, they may have omitted steps required to create a binding agreement.

Breach of contract is a serious legal matter and should be handled by an experienced lawyer who has the knowledge, skills, and resources to help protect your legal rights. Contact a law firm in DC to learn more about working with a breach-of-contract lawyer. Call Greenberg & Lieberman now for a free consultation.


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