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Many Computer Law issues at some point become Intellectual Property issues

Instead of retaining both a Computer Law firm and an Intellectual Property Law firm, let Greenberg & Lieberman handle both areas for you.

At Greenberg & Lieberman, LLC we love technology. We pride ourselves on the ways we use technology to make our work far more efficient than it was even two years ago. We’re also not afraid to flex our technology muscles for the benefit of our clients. So it should come as no surprise that Computer Law is an area of practice where we have focused a lot of attention.

The more we’ve practiced Computer Law, the more we’ve come to realize how often these issues eventually become Intellectual Property issues. So it is a perfect fit for us, it’s a real benefit to all of our clients. Our clients can log in to their personal secure panel and review the status of their matters day or night. Our IP clients will see the date when something has to be done for their patent or trademark matters months before they are due.

Our technology practice extends to domain name issues such as UDRP, federal litigation, infringement negotiations and consultation. We also provide Internet registrar setup, assistance with electronic discovery as well as terms of service and other webpage contract writing and review. If you have domain name issues, contact our internet attorney today.

New Media: Cutting edge business

Online communication continues to revolutionize the way people receive their information. Traditional media companies are finding themselves in competition with small businesses or individuals armed with little more than an online business plan and some technical knowledge. At the same time, media companies are realizing that the trend for news and information is quickly shifting from print and television mediums to the Internet. The online information business is what is referred to as “new media.”

Take a look at online news and count the grammar mistakes and factual errors. This is associated with fewer copy editors combined with a rush to immediately get the news published online. That is just one scenario where media companies, and individuals, are and increasingly will become involved in litigation. Blogging also may be a familiar area of new media litigation, but what about online advertisers? What happens to the office worker who sends out a nasty email? In addition, new media companies with unique methods of sales and information dissemination often fail to realize that they may be able to actually patent their business method.

New Media law remains on the cutting edge as the rules and situations continue to develop.

  • Online business start-up
  • Copyright
  • Libel (plaintiff and defense)
  • First Amendment
  • Virtual reality
  • Advertising
  • Tortuous Interference
  • Business method patent
  • Contract review
  • Corporate


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