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If you have been the victim of domain theft, it’s in your best interest to seek legal action from a knowledgeable and skilled domain name theft lawyer as soon as possible. Because this is a complex area of law that could involve multiple countries, it’s vital to develop a strategy that can help you regain control and encourage the infringing party to cease their behavior. Here at Greenberg & Lieberman, LLC., we do our utmost to help you with your case without incurring the expenses of domain name recovery proceedings whenever possible.

Can Someone Steal My Domain Name?

Unfortunately, domain theft and stolen domain names are all too common. Sometimes, the person sealing a domain name has access to the registrant’s account with the register. So a partner, former employee, or website developer are too often those ‘stealing’ your domain name. Because they can control the registrants’ accounts, they can easily control the domain name. If a dispute arises, the person controlling the domain names begins using that as leverage for other purposes.

While domain name theft may take various forms, the result is the same. Your website is held hostage by someone who does not have a trademark or domain name. Domain names can too be stolen, just like other types of personal property. At Greenberg & Lieberman, LLC., we have represented parties in countless domain theft cases, as we can take legal action against domain name thieves and complicit or negligent registrars.

Similarly, domain name poaching is also known as cybersquatting, which refers to registering, selling, or using a domain name to profit from the goodwill of someone else’s trademark. Simply put, cybersquatting refers to a third-party registering or even buying up domain names using your trademark or the name of your existing business to sell the names back to you for profit.

If you believe that someone is cybersquatting on the domain name that matches your name or if the domain directs you to a website offering similar services or products as yours, most likely, the individual is trying to sell it to you for a large amount of money. That is why at Greenberg & Lieberman, LLC., we can assist you with locating the domain name registrant and aggressively resolve the unfair practices. As a victim, you have a domain theft litigation option. Contact us today to recover stolen domain names as soon as possible.

How Can Your Domain Name Get Stolen

Having your valuable domain name stolen is one of the most devastating things that may happen to you on the internet. Moreover, losing control over your domain name is a frightening thought in the current economy, where all businesses depend greatly on their online presence.

There are various methods of how your domain may get stolen, including:

  • You can get hacked: hackers generally steal domain names by getting access to your account or access to the e-mail address that reset password forms on your website send e-mail to. Once hackers have access to your account, they will transfer your domain to another registrar, reaching complete ownership over it.
  • Your domain name registrants may be compromised: registrars can get hacked or scammed just as you can so try to pick up an accredited registrar and go over their procedures.
  • You might be the victim of a sophisticated DNS attack.

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Steps to Take When Your Domain Name Gets Stolen

More and more of the dot net, dot com, and dot org-ending titles are stolen, and some domain names are worth hundreds of thousands of dollars. But if you find that your domain name has been stolen, you must act quickly. Otherwise, the longer you hesitate, the more difficult it will be to take legal action and get it back. That said, there are some vital steps you need to take once you notice your domain name has been stolen.

Regardless of what happens, start by alerting your registrar company immediately. Because the registrar is the company you have bought your domain from, you must ensure they take action as soon as possible. Then lawyer up. Such a situation is challenging if you do not engage the services of a domain name theft lawyer. At Greenberg & Lieberman, LLC., our domain name attorneys will assist you in evaluating your options and finding the best course of action under the circumstances based on our extensive resources and skills in navigating all domain name disputes.

Contact Us to Handle Your Domain Theft Litigation

The chances of registrars getting your domain name back are slim to none. It is vital to understand that such companies do not have the legal authority to transfer a name back to you. They can, however, follow various procedures, so we will issue a court order to demand the transfer of your domain name back to you and gather as much proof as possible to prove that the domain is yours.

Let us provide compassionate yet aggressive Internet-based intellectual property legal counsel so that we can advise you on the ideal course of action to protect and defend the intangible assets you have worked so hard to create and develop. We specialize in domain name hijacking, domain escrow services, trademark searches and applications, intellectual property litigations, corporate contracts, loan agreements, and UDPR.

If you feel that your domain name has been stolen or that your intellectual property assets are being threats, do not hesitate to contact us and schedule a free consultation.

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