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Greenberg & Lieberman is the rare law firm that possesses the resources of any large, international firm while maintaining individual, personalized contact between the firm’s attorneys and its clients. Recognizing that it is important that attorneys keep in touch with clients, Greenberg & Lieberman makes it a point to keep its clients in the loop as its team of attorneys work to serve each client’s unique needs.

Intellectual Property Roots

Greenberg & Lieberman is regarded as a leader in its various areas of practice (patents litigation,internet law,trademark,copyright, and more). Based in Washington, DC, the firm has a Registered Patent attorney who is registered to practice with the nearby U.S. Patent and Trademark Office. Since 1996, clients ranging from global corporations to individual inventors and entrepreneurs have successfully worked with the firm and been granted protection through Greenberg & Lieberman.


In fact, attorneys at Greenberg & Lieberman have been recognized by the legal community and mainstream media for their knowledge and involvement in cutting-edge issues. Attorneys from Greenberg & Lieberman have been featured in various legal and business journals relating to such items as Internet laws and virtual-world issues, just to name a few. Greenberg & Lieberman attorneys also have been quoted in such media outlets as the Washington Post, NPRCNN, Associated Press, Cleveland Plain Dealer, Kansas City Star and USA Today. Whether it is litigation and settlement negotiations to seeking a patent for a new tool or an online business method, we mention these accolades to highlight the firm’s ability to represent clients of all sizes who are engaged, or seeking to engage, in legal issues ranging from traditional to cutting edge.


As a completely technology-savvy law firm, our attorneys are capable of communicating with our clients through virtually any medium imaginable. In fact, technology and intellectual property is the passion of most attorneys at the firm. Intellectual Property Attorneys at Greenberg & Lieberman have qualified, real world experience in the mechanical, biochemical, electrical and computer fields. In regard to trademarks, service marks and franchising, our attorneys also have extensive experience in clothing, fashion apparel, makeup, design, computers, electronics, communications and small business. The firm also owns, represents or holds in escrow domain-name portfolios that number in the tens of thousands. But the experience of Greenberg & Lieberman transcends beyond traditional technology. The firm also includes attorneys who had previously been award-winning international journalists. We also have attorneys who had previously served as software experts and licensed real estate brokers. In addition, Greenberg & Lieberman proudly supports its attorneys who have deployed to combat overseas with the U.S. military and/or currently serve as JAG officers with the reserve component.

In the Community

While the attorneys at Greenberg & Lieberman devote much of their time and energy to the firm’s areas of practice, we still make time to support our community. This support not only makes us into more well-rounded attorneys, but it also is the right thing to do. Greenberg & Lieberman attorneys have donated time to such organizations as the Student Press Law Center, the Montgomery County Maryland Bar Association and the Washington Legal Clinic for the Homeless.

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