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A contract is a legal agreement between two parties that includes details about the agreement between the two parties. Contracts can be a part of a business or personal transaction and are meant to protect the rights of all parties that sign the contract. If you are drafting or reviewing a contract or need to file a lawsuit against breach of agreement, you should hire a contracts attorney from Greenberg & Lieberman, LLC in Washington, DC, who specializes in all legal matters related to a contract.

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Role of Contracts Lawyers

Contracts lawyers are well-versed in contract law and have in-depth knowledge about a contract’s crucial elements, which are offer, acceptance, and consideration. Contract lawyers provide legal services to their clients, such as contract drafting, reviewing, and handling negotiations related to the contract. They can work on different kinds of contracts, including employment contracts, confidentiality agreements, non-compete contracts, licensing agreements, lease contracts, and many more. Anyone can draft a contract, but if you want to protect yourself from potential loopholes that can be exploited, it is best to seek assistance from a law firm.

When Do I Need a Contracts Attorney?

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Understanding the Elements of a Contract

Depending on the circumstances surrounding your contract, there can be legal requirements that the contract must meet. If you plan on drafting a contract on your own, you could miss adding an important detail that makes the contract unenforceable or gives rise to other issues. A contract missing critical information may not be enforceable in court. In addition, experienced contracts lawyers can draft contracts that ensure impartiality so neither party can dispute the terms of the contract.

Contract Drafting

A contract can be drafted on complex matters, increasing the need to get an expert involved in drafting, reviewing, and finalizing the contract. Contract lawyers from a credible law firm would not just draft an agreement for you; they would also offer you advice on additional documents that can provide you or your company with added protection.

Reviewing a Breach of Contract

A breach of contract can lead to potential losses, but for a breach to hold up in court; there should be evidence that the other party failed to comply with the terms of the agreement. If the other party acted in good faith or completed most of their contractual obligations, it may not be considered a breach of agreement in court. Only an experienced contract lawyer can review the terms of the agreement and ensure your interests are protected if the warranty has been breached.

Keep Up With the Latest Legislation

Your contract can be subject to some industry regulations or state laws that you are unaware of, and it can be challenging to conduct in-depth research on your own. Contract lawyers keep updated with the latest state laws and regulations on matters related to contracts

Revise the Contract to Provide In-Depth Understanding

The terms and conditions of a contract are often technical and need to be clarified. If you misunderstand the contract, it can lead to disputes, financial losses, and a costly court case. Contract lawyers can help you understand the agreement and help clear up any doubts you may have about it. In addition, they can propose revisions to the contract to make it easier for everyone to understand.

Avoid Potential Loopholes

Loopholes in contracts might not always be intentional, but they can have devastating consequences if the loopholes are exploited. Contracts are meant to offer protection; if they are not executed properly, they can lose their purpose. Experienced contracts lawyers can identify potential loopholes in the agreement and help you avoid this risk.

What Should I Expect from Working with a Contract Attorney?

When you let a qualified contracts attorney draft and execute an agreement, you can be confident that it would hold up in any court of law. Contracts lawyers from a credible law firm can also help you review the contract if the other party drafts it and create an opinion letter if you want to propose changes to the contract terms.

They can communicate the changes to the contract with the other party or their attorney on your behalf. If the other party revises the agreement, your attorney can give a final revision to ensure it reads correctly. If you suffer a breach of agreement, your attorney can work out a solution that is in your best interests or provide you with legal representation in court.


Can I draft acontract without a lawyer?

Yes, you can make a contract without a lawyer. The contract can be simple or complicated depending on several factors, including the contract type and how many parties are involved. If the agreement is complex, it is best to seek legal services from contracts lawyers who specialize in various legal issues, including employment law.

When entering into a contract, you want your interests to be protected if the other party fails to hold up their end of the contract. If you choose to draft an agreement without an attorney, there is a higher chance that the contract will be missing critical details, is misrepresenting facts, or has technical loopholes.

Are Contracts Valid If They Are Not In Writing?

A contract does not have to be in writing to be valid. Oral contracts are also considered valid. However, certain contract laws and the statute of frauds can require the contract to be in writing. Under these laws, a contract should be written to prevent either party from taking advantage of the other. Contracts that should be in written form to be considered enforceable or valid include the following:

  • Guarantee contracts
  • Security contracts
  • Long-term contracts
  • Sales contracts that include significant amounts
  • Contracts involving interests or exchange of real estate properties.
  • Contracts involving the sale of bonds or stocks
  • Any contract meant for the inheritance of property

What Is a Breach Of Contract?

A breach of contract is when any party legally bound through the agreement fails to fulfill its contractual obligations to the other parties. For example, if either party fails to perform a particular action within the timeframe mentioned in the contract or to perform any contractual obligations, it would be considered a breach of the agreement.

The party that breaches the contract can be liable for monetary and punitive damages. In addition, the court can order them to fulfill certain services mentioned in the agreement.

You can contact our law firm of Greenberg & Lieberman LLC in Washington, DC, to schedule a consultation with one of our contracts lawyers. We can help you prepare a legally binding contract to protect your rights. We can tailor our legal services according to your legal needs.


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