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Intellectual property cases continue to increase dramatically. An average of 12,000 intellectual property cases are filed yearly in the U.S. Disputes regarding intellectual property can arise in any business, small or large. Intellectual property is protected by state and federal laws, which is why such cases are heard in courts at the state and federal levels. There are also other ways to settle intellectual property cases, such as via arbitration.

You can contact one of our IP attorneys at Greenberg & Lieberman LLC for any legal matters related to patent law, trademark law, patent prosecution, trademark prosecution, international trade commission, portfolio management, patent portfolios, and more.

Our intellectual property law firm has IP attorneys dedicated to protecting our clients' intellectual property. Our team has extensive experience in cases related to IP rights for small businesses, enterprises, and government agencies. We can also handle litigation against false advertising, register trademarks, counsel clients, and take on other intellectual property matters.

What is Intellectual Property Litigation?

Intellectual property is an intangible asset, also known as something that is not yet realized compared to tangible or real property that can be saved or recorded. The purpose of intellectual property litigation and rights is to incentivize the innovative creation of the owners by enabling them to enjoy the monetary benefits of their invention.

Types of Intellectual Property

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Determining Value

Intellectual properties typically do not possess a standard or fixed monetary value, making it difficult to determine the compensation for damages. Our intellectual property lawyer can help determine the appropriate value of your property and the compensation you deserve for its infringement.

Drafting Legal Documents

Our team can help you prepare legal documents. For example, non-disclosure agreements are essential for protecting intellectual property, and an attorney well-versed in such laws would assist you in drafting agreements that prevent unlawful use of the property.

Negotiating Settlements

Our attorney can initiate and handle all communication with the opposing party regarding arrangements and settlements for the infringement case and other intellectual property matters.

If you have questions about intellectual property laws, feel free to contact our intellectual property law firm.

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