Understanding a Trademark

Understanding a Trademark

What is a Trademark?

A trademark is intellectual property consisting of  an easily identifiable design or symbol such as logo, colors and more. Some of the largest brands are easily recognized because of the consistent use of their trademark since the day they were established. Trademarks are protected by legal avenues allowing other companies to sue if their brand likeness is used. A properly registered trademark has the potential to be used forever pending it is renewed every 10 years.

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Obtaining a Trademark

Greenberg & Lieberman offers consultation to help you start the process to obtain a trademark and gain protection with a free initial 15 minute conversation. A screening search is critical for any intellectual property law firm and the first and foremost step to obtaining a trademark. This screening includes searching diligently the USPTO database and other online web pages to ensure no one has a claim to the brand or logo you are trying to register. The costs for a word mark screening search is $435 per class, for a design (logo) screening search is $500 and if the mark is a combination word and design, the cost of the screening search is $675. There are also other associated costs with filing an application which Greenberg & Lieberman will provide after a screening search is completed.

Trademark In Use

By registering a trademark with one of our patent and trademark attorneys you can obtain statutory rights. This allows you to restrict someone else from using your likeness or similarly alike branding. It is not enough to simply register a Trademark. Circling back to the reason you filled for a trademark with the help of a patent and trademark attorney, you will need to keep watch if anyone tries to use your mark. Greenberg & Lieberman, LLC offers expert and reliable policing services that monitor the ever-growing market, alleviating the dilemma of finding a balance between enough and too much policing.

Filing a Trademark is not an easy process. It can often be misconstrued to be as simple as filing some papers. This is not true, A good trademark attorney is going to provide you with advice as to where your mark stands and if they think your mark might put you in a position where a trademark infringement action would be filed against. Our patent and trademark attorneys are here to help you.

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Greenberg & Lieberman, LLC are Intellectual Property Lawyers for decades and are recognized across the United States and Internationally as one of the leading litigators of Intellectual Property Law. Contact us today if you have questions about your IP Rights or believe your intellectual property rights have been infringed.

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