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Trademark Common Law Rights

Trademarks are vital assets for businesses, protecting their brand identities and distinguishing their products or services from competitors. While trademark registration with the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO)…
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Understanding a Trademark

What is a Trademark?A trademark is intellectual property consisting of  an easily identifiable design or symbol such as logo, colors and more. Some of the largest brands are easily recognized…
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The Four Types of Intellectual Property Rights

There are four primary categories of Intellectual Property Rights. These include, copyrights, patents, trademarks and trade secrets. The Attorneys at Greenberg & Lieberman Law Firm specialize in each of these…
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USPTO Rejects “Let’s Play” Trademark

Sony is now far less likely to gain control over the phrase “Let’s Play” after the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) has updated its rejection of the company’s…
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Wine and Kombucha Companies Fight over Name

When a company trademarks something such as a name or a logo, they are doing it because it protects their business. In a society where brand recognition is often based…

Larry the Cable Guy Files Suit against Gas Station

Names and logos can be trademarked. So can catch-phrases. One has to be very careful when naming their business or company after an already-existing trademark. Litigation can be the end…

Fan Conventions Fight it out over Name Trademark

Trademark disputes can be tricky things to pursue. Often, whether or not a trademark has been violated can depend on the presence of space or a punctuation mark. Such small…
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Urban Farmers Lose Trademark Fight

One of the dangers of having a trademark is that it can become generic if you do not police your mark. A simple example of this is Google. To “google”…

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