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Computer Law and Intellectual Property

Greenberg & Lieberman are not just an intellectual property law firm. With the various backgrounds in economic, sociology, technology and more our team possesses we deal in many facets of…
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Fair Use and YouTube

Who could have foreseen the impact that a video of a dancing baby uploaded by his mother in 2007 would have so much impact on YouTube users and how the…
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YouTube Fights on Behalf of Content Creators

When it comes to intellectual property law, the Digital Millennium Copy Right Act (DMCA) protects owners of a copyright online and allows them to demand a site take down user…
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Unwired Planet Wins Patent Trial Against Samsung

It stands to reason that a company would want to protect its patents. A patent can mean the difference in producing something groundbreaking and mimicking what others are already producing.…
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Internet Piracy Arguments Flawed

The internet makes it very easy to transmit vast amounts of information to any computer connected to it. This has enabled great strides in human advancement and creativity, but it…
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Twitter User Invokes DMCA to Protect her Tweets

Continuing our theme this week of social media users asserting copyright, we have the case of another Tweeter arguing that the material she posts on her site is protected by…
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The More IP Protection the Better

An article on Tech Vibes brings up some very good points about intellectual property protections. Sometimes a single filing isn’t enough. A broad approach that uses several different kinds of…


During the 1980s after the breakup of “Ma Bell” (AT&T Corp.) when US regulators broke up the AT&T Corp. monopoly by a consent decree in the anti-trust lawsuit, United States…

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