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Even Small Businesses Need IP Protection

An article from Forbes shows just how important IP protection is for all businesses, not just IT and pharmaceutical companies. Any idea you create about your business, from the name…

Fight Over Ruling in Radio Shack IP Auction

You may remember Radio Shack as a venerable company that sold electronics, or as a retail giant that fell on hard times and had to recently shut down. An auction…

Supreme Court Rules on Commil vs Cisco

An IP infringement case has worked its way all the way through to the Supreme Court. To understand the case between Commil and Cisco, we need to explain a bit…
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What Happens When Countries Disagree Over IP?

When companies or individuals are accused of stealing from each other, lawsuits happen. When countries do it, it’s not so simple. China has been accused of stealing IP from US…

What Happens When the Public Trademarks You?

Trademarks are normally developed through long marketing meetings and lots of brainstorming. Selecting a Trademark is often a difficult decision involving aesthetics, what appeals to the right demographic, and so…

Modi Government Moves to Improve IP Laws

International intellectual property rights can be much trickier than defending IP within a country. There are more things to worry about than just the theft of an idea. Regulatory barriers…

TPP Will Have Big Effect on IP Law

One of the big subjects in the news is the TPP, the Trans-Pacific Partnership trade agreement between the US, Japan, and other Asian countries. The 12 countries that are in…

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