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Quizno's subs

Burning Man and Quizno’s in IP Spat

The line of what constitutes fair use and parody can be a tricky one to find without help. Both parody and fair use protections are built into intellectual property laws,…
money globe

Who Owns your IP?

Intellectual Property, or IP, is a very lucrative commodity in the digital age. Everyone with an idea, from entrepreneurs to business owners, has a stake in the game of intellectual…
we the people

History of IP Protection

We’d like to take a minute to appreciate an article written in the Washington Examiner about the history of IP protections. IP protection may seem like a very modern concept,…

Are your Patents Strong Enough?

A trade magazine has expressed worry that many U.S. patents may not be as strong as they seem. IAM magazine quotes experts that say at least one in three intellectual…
wild plants

The IP Battle of Quinoa

A fascinating story in Harper’s underscores the problems that can arise when natural products native to a region and IP rights start to intersect. You may have seen advertisements for…
Department of Justice

FBI Warns About Chinese IP Theft

China has over a billion people, which makes it a very attractive market. They also have lower labor costs than the U.S. But doing business there can be very nerve-wracking…
contract text

Always Read the Fine Print

A clause in a contract at the Small Biz Dev Hackathon caused an uproar on Facebook and an apology from the sponsor. A hackathon is an event where programmers get…

New Bill May Bring IP Back to US

Sometimes a company may decide to keep its IP in another country. A new bill has been introduced that may draw some of that IP back to the US. Representatives…

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