US and China Come to Agreement on Cyberwarfare

US and China Come to Agreement on Cyberwarfare

indexCorporations may worry about cyberattacks from foreign nations like China, but the US and China just came to an agreement that they will not support or conduct cyber-enabled theft of intellectual property during peacetime. President Barack Obama and President Xi Jinping announced the agreement in a joint announcement.

The two nations plan to work together to find appropriate norms of state behavior online, and agreed to create an experts group to study the issue. There was also progress made on how law enforcement and investigators will work together between the two countries on how to exchange information and go after people who commit crimes online.

While this may bring some peace of mind, there was no announcement about corporate IP theft between businesses in the two countries. Hopefully this agreement starts laying the foundation for a coordinated defense of IP by both governments. China is still seen as a major violator in corporate IP theft, though it is also possible that smaller countries are routing their attacks through China due to their large internet infrastructure.

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