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Six Tips to Protect your IP Online

Do you want to know how to protect your IP from people who would steal it online? You could do worse than following the six tips in an article from…
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Are you Using Open Source Software Properly?

Does your business use open source software? Most businesses use some form these days, but using open source software can open up some legal IP trouble if it’s used improperly.…

IP Fight over Bitcoin Wallet Technology

Businesses that fight over IP don’t always do it over direct use of the IP. Sometimes the fight is over whether an IP was developed using the resources of one…

Taylor Swift Blasts Apple for IP Violation

Many IP stories in the news revolve around technology and software, but IP fights happen in many creative fields as well. Today we’re not going to be talking about piracy,…
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The More IP Protection the Better

An article on Tech Vibes brings up some very good points about intellectual property protections. Sometimes a single filing isn’t enough. A broad approach that uses several different kinds of…
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IP Farms Gain More Attention

A growing form of IP development in Europe may soon find its way over to the US if it continues to find results. Newsweek has recently reported on IP farms.…

More IP Troubles for Ford

The Ford Motor Company is also experiencing hot water over another patent infringement case, but they are fighting back hard. A Baltimore company, Paice, sued the automaker over five patents…

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