Ford Motor Company Sued by Versata for Alleged IP Infringement

Ford Motor Company Sued by Versata for Alleged IP Infringement

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One software company in Texas is taking on Ford Motor Company for an alleged IP infringement. The company, Versata, is seeking an injunction to stop Ford from using their software product. The software significantly reduces warranty costs, and brings vehicles to market faster. Last year, Ford terminated their $8.45 million a year contract with Versata, and used a program they developed in-house based on Versata’s IP, according to the suit.

Versata claims that a patent Ford received in 2014 on their internally developed software was based on their technology. They claim Ford’s software has code that was derived from their own product, and that Ford’s patent is bogus. The lawsuit also claims the employees who used Versata’s software also developed Ford’s internal product, and that Ford denied a request from Versata to examine the new software in violation of their contract.

Ford had filed a sealed complaint earlier this year to secure a judgement that their software didn’t infringe on Versata’s. They claim that Versata’s software was declared obsolete by the company, and so they developed a better version of the software based on Ford’s needs. This will be a tricky case. You can read the full details in the Auto News article.

Companies who feel like their IP has been infringed upon by a major corporation should not fear seeking legal counsel and fighting for their rights. IP laws protect everyone. Call Greenberg & Lieberman, LLC to speak with a skilled IP attorney about your IP rights and how to protect them.

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