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Cyber Piracy Law: Domain Names and Right of Privacy

Causes of action for the use of someone’s famous name are CyberPiracy, unfair competition and false advertising in the nature of false endorsement which is essentially the federal equivalent of…
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Social Media Sites and Intellectual Property

Social media sites are the “go to” Internet forums for fun and e-commerce. Internet users spend a great deal of time at these sites, not merely for pleasure, but also…

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Before you begin Help

APLegal Help Titles, names, short phrases and slogans This is one of the most common areas of confusion for people seeking protection of their intellectual property — please be sure…

Domain Name and Trademark Dispute

Domain names and trademarks are related, but not the same thing. The rights derived from each are very different. Trademark rights flow from use of a mark for goods or…

Reverse Domain Name Hijacking

Many people or organizations create websites strictly to share information, to advertise their non-profit services, to advertise their small craft projects, or to voice their political or religious beliefs. They…

The Internet Business and Business Plan Patents

SPECIAL NOTE: The law regarding Internet Business & Business Plan Patents is currently in great flux. The following article was written years ago, when many Internet Business & Business Plan…

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