USPTO Releases Intellectual Property Icons

USPTO Releases Intellectual Property Icons

downloadThe variety of IP protections out there can be confusing, and as IP gets more international other countries may not have the same fine distinctions that we do. The USPTO has a solution for that. They have released a new set of icons to designate different types of IP protection.

The icons came out from a “iconathon” challenge at the US Patent and Trademark Office in Virginia. Designers and IP experts gathered together to turn complex intellectual property ideas into simple icons. The USPTO plans to integrate the icons into their website to encourage their use, and they’ve also released them into the public domain. You can find all of the icons at this link.

Deputy Director of the USPTO Russ Silfer wrote this about the project: “Each day, more people are entering a sometimes unfamiliar world of intellectual property (IP)… By putting a visual mark on common intellectual property notions, we hope to help spread awareness about IP while engaging with the public.

What do you think about the new icons? Do you think they convey the necessary information to people? At Greenberg & Lieberman, LLC we know how complicated IP law can be. That’s why we have an extensive FAQ on the subject here at our website. To read our IP FAQ, check out this link. If you need assistance setting up or defending your IP, contact our offices.

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