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Watch Out for these IP Ownership Problems

Many startups don’t start with a formal business agreement. Instead, it’s just a small group of people with an idea. Perhaps it’s just one person with an idea and several…

IP Theft Ring Members Plead Guilty in Tech IP Case

Intellectual property theft is a major worry among technology companies. Companies stand to lose massive amounts of money if their information gets out where others can use it. Naturally, the…

Is your Startup Performing Due Diligence on your IP?

An interview on Med City News has some good information for healthcare startups seeking to protect their intellectual property. Startups are vulnerable to IP theft from many different directions. If…

Segway Files Lawsuits over Hoverboards

Segway and its parent company Ninebot have recently filed suit against two companies manufacturing versions of their self-balancing scooters, commonly called hoverboards. This comes in an effort to counteract negative…

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