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US and China Come to Agreement on Cyberwarfare

Corporations may worry about cyberattacks from foreign nations like China, but the US and China just came to an agreement that they will not support or conduct cyber-enabled theft of…

New Bill May Bring IP Back to US

Sometimes a company may decide to keep its IP in another country. A new bill has been introduced that may draw some of that IP back to the US. Representatives…
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IP Farms Gain More Attention

A growing form of IP development in Europe may soon find its way over to the US if it continues to find results. Newsweek has recently reported on IP farms.…

Even Small Businesses Need IP Protection

An article from Forbes shows just how important IP protection is for all businesses, not just IT and pharmaceutical companies. Any idea you create about your business, from the name…

Modi Government Moves to Improve IP Laws

International intellectual property rights can be much trickier than defending IP within a country. There are more things to worry about than just the theft of an idea. Regulatory barriers…

TPP Will Have Big Effect on IP Law

One of the big subjects in the news is the TPP, the Trans-Pacific Partnership trade agreement between the US, Japan, and other Asian countries. The 12 countries that are in…

Learn about the Upcoming Hague Agreement

Industrial design IP is an important part of today’s marketplace. Look no further to Apple’s success to see that. Their sleek designs and functionality are one of the big draws…
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Watch Out for Internal IP Theft

Legal protections for IP are crucial to the success of a business, but there are many ways that a company can fall from within due to IP theft. It only…

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