IP Farms Gain More Attention

IP Farms Gain More Attention

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A growing form of IP development in Europe may soon find its way over to the US if it continues to find results. Newsweek has recently reported on IP farms. These are companies that seek out new IP in university research labs as well as other locations, and offers business support to bring the IP to market. They are known for a very aggressive approach to testing new ideas.

The two largest groups, IP Group and Allied Minds, are worth just shy of two billion euros. According to one expert, these groups will stress-test new ideas to see if they are patentable, scaleable, marketable, and reproducible. The end goal is to the get company large enough to prepare for an IPO, much like a private equity firm.

Is it worth signing part of your IP rights away to have another company provide business development resources? It’s hard to say. Bringing IP to market is expensive and risky, so it helps to have someone with experience. On the other hand, you may lose control of some or all of your IP depending on the circumstances of the deal.

Have you been approached by a company that wants to bring your IP to market? Seek legal help immediately so you can understand what is happening, and how you can protect yourself. Contact Greenberg & Lieberman, LLC for solid IP advice.

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