The More IP Protection the Better

The More IP Protection the Better

download (1)An article on Tech Vibes brings up some very good points about intellectual property protections. Sometimes a single filing isn’t enough. A broad approach that uses several different kinds of IP protections can protect your IP much better than a single patent.

The example they use of a drone with a mounted camera is very apt. The overall concept of the drone could be protected by a patent, but that is only part of the picture. The name you make for the drone should be protected by a trademark to prevent other companies from riding on your fame or even stealing your name away. The method of manufacture may also need protection if you have discovered a new way to make drone parts or assemble them. You may wish to split your IP into different patents too so you can use your parts in other devices without fear of someone else stealing your ideas.

The entire article is a good read, and we recommend it to our readers who want to learn more about how IP protections can work together to guard your ideas. We also recommend readers look at our intellectual property FAQ. It covers many of the basic questions people have about IP protections and why they are important. Greenberg & Lieberman LLC will be glad to answer any other questions about IP or how you can protect yourself. Call today for a free consultation.

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