Taylor Swift Blasts Apple for IP Violation

Taylor Swift Blasts Apple for IP Violation

download (79)Many IP stories in the news revolve around technology and software, but IP fights happen in many creative fields as well. Today we’re not going to be talking about piracy, but about Taylor Swift and her recent challenge to Apple about misuse of her intellectual property.

Apple is planning on releasing a new product called Apple Music, a streaming music service similar to Pandora or Spotify. The usual business model for these services is to pay artists a very tiny royalty for every listen they get on the service, and then sell advertising space or a subscription to pay for it and the business.

However, Taylor Swift and other artists caught wind that Apple was planning on suspending royalty payments to artists during a three-month free trial period for new customers. She informed Apple that she will withhold the release of her new album. Apple caved to the demand and said they will pay royalties even when the customer is in their free trial period.

Many of the largest companies today would not have as much profit as they do without the work of many creative people licensing their IP. However, the Internet makes it very easy to steal IP, even by accident. If you have IP that can be posted on the internet, you must take steps to protect yourself.

Greenberg & Lieberman, LLC is at the forefront of internet IP protection defense. If your work is being used by a company for profit online, protect yourself. Call our offices for a free consultation.

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