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Study of Patent Trials Released

When you have a good idea you need to protect it. If you have invented a device, written a program or come up with a solution that is unique and…
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Unwired Planet Wins Patent Trial Against Samsung

It stands to reason that a company would want to protect its patents. A patent can mean the difference in producing something groundbreaking and mimicking what others are already producing.…

TPP Reaches Final Agreement

As you may have heard in the news, the Trans-Pacific Partnership or TPP has just reached their final agreement. All that remains now is for it to be ratified among…
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Who Owns IP When You’re an Employee?

Intellectual Property, or IP, is a very lucrative commodity in the digital age. Everyone with an idea, from entrepreneurs to business owners, has a stake in the game of intellectual…

India Struggles with Improper GI Registrations

India has a concept called Geographical Indications, or GI as part of their intellectual property rights laws. A similar concept exists in other countries across the world. This right is…
United States Patent and Trademark Office

USPTO Releases Intellectual Property Icons

The variety of IP protections out there can be confusing, and as IP gets more international other countries may not have the same fine distinctions that we do. The USPTO…

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