Spotify Under Fire for Royalties

Spotify Under Fire for Royalties

indexThe music streaming website Spotify is once again facing a copyright lawsuit. This is the second lawsuit in two weeks. Melissa Ferrick, a Massachusetts-based artist, claims that Spotify did not notify her or obtain a license to use her music when the uploaded her compositions and made them available on its music service. She claims that her music has been streamed approximately 1 million times on Spotify without being licensed to do so.

Ferrick’s lawsuit was filed in the US District Court in Los Angeles. The lawsuit seeks class-action status and wants Spotify to pay out $200 million to songwriters.

This latest suit comes after musician David Lowery filed suit against the music streaming service for $150 million for copyright infringement. Lowery, the front man of the California-based bands Cracker and Camper Van Beethoven claims Spotify illegally duplicated and distributed his bands’ songs without his permission.

In a statement, Spotify spokesperson Jonathan Price said in a recent interview that it was, “committed to paying songwriters and publishers every penny.” The company is currently valued at approximately $8 billion, and has paid out $3 billion in royalties to artists, songwriters, labels, and publishers since the website was launched in 2008.

Another lawsuit against Spotify filed by the National Music Publishers Association is in the settlement process.

Protecting intellectual property is important. So many artists, musicians and other companies depend on the creative works of their people. If you have work that you feel may have been used or even stolen without your permission or without proper licensing, protect your rights.

At Greenberg & Lieberman, LLC, we specialize in protecting the IP interests of our clients. We are on the front lines of internet IP protection defense. If your work is being used by a company for profit online, contact us today and find out how to protect your IP rights.

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