Google Files Patent for Blood Glucose Watch

Google Files Patent for Blood Glucose Watch

indexEveryone’s favorite search engine appears to be getting into the healthcare wearable business if their patent applications are any indication. Google recently filed for a patent for a watch that may eventually replace blood glucose meters. The watch, which is claimed to be a “needle free” blood draw, could be wearable or hand-held.

The device works by using “an abrupt surge” of gas into a canister, which then allows a “micro particle” to puncture the skin. The blood is then sucked into a negative pressure barrel where it is analyzed.

It is unclear whether or not such a device will hit the market.

It is not the first time that Google has reached out to diabetics. Recently, Google partnered with Novartis to develop smart contact lenses. These lenses will connect to mobile devices and will help to monitor blood glucose levels. They are also developing a similar lens to help correct far-sightedness.

The lenses involve technology such as non-invasive microchips and other mini-electronics that are embedded within the lens. Google also applied for a patent on lenses with a built in camera.

Google has also launched Google Fit, an application that places its user’s health statistics and characteristics in one place.

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