Coca-Cola Bottle Patent Turns 100

Coca-Cola Bottle Patent Turns 100

indexWhen it comes to patents, you can never have too many. Even improving a design in just a minuscule way deserves a patent. One company has been innovating and patenting a particular item for 100 years. Their patent for their iconic bottle turns 100 this week.

Coca-Cola has no doubt innovated the beverage industry. Not only have they patented bottles, but they have patented cups for their beverages as well. Some of their patent drawings are innovative and some are downright wacky, but all are protected. It is clear that Coca-Cola has many ideas when it comes to what to place their beverages into for their consumers.

While some of the bottles are rather plain, much like their iconic glass bottle, others are more artistic in nature. Some of the cups feature locking mechanisms and “negative draft sealing surfaces.” Some of their innovative designs include a carry strap attached to the top of the bottle near the cap and a bottle that has a push button dispenser for carbonated beverages. The distinct shape of a Coca-Cola bottle makes it instantly recognizable on a store shelf.

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