Newegg Sues Patent Troll After they Drop Case

Newegg Sues Patent Troll After they Drop Case

indexThere seems to be no end to the number of people or even companies who will try to enforce patent rights against other companies. Many of these companies don’t really manufacture anything at all, but they want to be paid for the right to use what they allege is their patented product or process.

One such patent-holding company, Minero Digital, is seeking to receive patent royalty payments on a wide range of USB hubs. They have filed suit against more than two dozen retailers and manufacturers in the past year.

They may have suffered a bit of a blow, however, even after having dropped their suit against Texas company Newegg after they sued one of their subsidiaries, Rosewill. Newegg filed its suit against Minero in a Los Angeles federal court, requesting that the judge rule that Rosewill products do not infringe Minero’s patent.

Newegg Chief Legal Officer Lee Cheng says the move is necessary since Minero dismissed its Texas lawsuit without prejudice, meaning it can refile the case at a time of its choosing.

Cheng believes that Minero’s case is without merit, and that Minero’s patent is also expired. Now Newegg intends to finish it by asking only that the court rule non-infringement and is not seeking any monetary damages.

Determining whether or not a patent has truly been infringed upon often needs to be decided in court. If you have questions or concerns regarding patent law, then consult with the IP attorneys at Greenburg and Lieberman, LLC. We can help you determine if your patent is applicable to a product or process and help you determine what is available in order to protect it.

Filing your patent can be important when protecting your intellectual property as an inventor. If you fail to file a patent, it could mean implied permission and can negate your exclusive patent rights. Contact us today toll free at (888) 275-2757 or you may reach us by email at

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