Patent Questions

What is a patent?

A patent is the right to exclude others from making, using, selling an invention. Or in other words, non-legally but simply said by many — “it is a monopoly on your idea.” There are different types of patents.

What types of patent applictions are there?

There are provisional patent patent applications, utility patent applications, design patent applications, and plant patent applications. Some people call provisional patent applications “provisional utility patent applications” and call utility patent applications “non-provisional utility patent applications.”

What is a provisional patent application?

A provisional patent application is a way to get patent-pending for one year. Technically, it is only a patent application that holds your place because it never is examined by the Patent Office, and never becomes a granted patent.

What is a utility patent application?

A utility patent application is the only way to get a patent granted for something that solves a problem or achieves a goal.

Can a patent be renewed?

No, a patent cannot be renewed, but you can always file for an improvement on the patent.

What is a design patent application?

A design patent application tries to protect the look of your invention that has nothing to do with solving a problem or achieving a goal. In other words, a design patent protects the appearance of your invention.

What is a plant patent application?

A plant patent application tries to protects plants. More specifically, a plant patent is for asexually reproduced, distinct and new varieties of plants, other than tuber propagated plants or plants found in an uncultivated state.

Can I file for a patent?

You should do a patent search first.

What is a patent search?

A patent search is a way to try to see if someone else has already thought of your invention.

How much does a patent search cost?

For current pricing, please call 1-888-275-2757 to speak with Michael L. Greenberg, our registered patent attorney. He will give you an opinion as to patentability based upon a patent search.

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