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What is a domain name?

Domain names are common language addresses corresponding to your domain, consisting of a string of words separated by a dot (.) and usually containing some word that represents you or your business and indicates the type of information someone might find there.

What is an escrow service?

Greenberg & Lieberman offers escrow services. We will hold the thing being exchanged or the money being exchanged for the thing until the thing or the money have been exchanged. G&L also offer dual sided escrow where we take control over both the thing and the domain. G&L also offers escrow over time which is the same as above, but may last years.

What are the fees for G&L’s escrow services?

We charge 1% or $350 per hour, which ever is higher. If you are doing an escrow over time then that fee is multiplied times the number of years the transaction takes.

Does Greenberg & Lieberman help with ICANN disputes?

Yes, the firm files response to UDRP / ICANN disputes as well as filing objections to such filings in federal court.

Where can Greenberg & Lieberman be found in Second Life?

Greenberg & Lieberman can be found everywhere in SL. Look in the classifieds and we are there. We also have a number of properties on different properties.

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