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Contract disputes have historically been the basis for a substantial percentage of business-related litigation. But the fact remains that a well-crafted and well-negotiated contract can provide significant advantages for any party irrespective of size and clout. Greenberg & Lieberman attorneys have extensive experience in writing, reviewing and negotiating contractual agreements.

It is recommended that our attorneys get involved in the contractual process before a business arrangement is made. The premise is that a good future defense (or offense) to any potential dispute revolves around the initial negotiated terms of the contract. Greenberg & Lieberman attorneys are well versed in contract negotiation, writing, law and litigation.

Securities: Our firm includes attorneys with decades of experience with securities contracts. This is particularly beneficial for those who face serious security implications when dealing between corporations.

Corporate: Each party has its own agenda. Whether it’s property, mergers, joint ventures or personnel, attorneys at Greenberg & Lieberman have the experience to negotiate and craft contractual agreements to the best possible benefit for our client. Our corporate client base representing five continents is a testament to our ability to recognize and handle each unique issue.

Patents: From the beginning, Greenberg & Lieberman has negotiated, written and reviewed contracts relating to patents. Our attorneys have successfully handled contractual agreements between countless large corporations and small businesses/individuals. Typically, we are adept at negotiating licensing agreements so that a patent or patent-pending product can begin or continue making money.

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