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Stevan Lieberman



District of Columbia School of Law J.D. earned May 1994, Law review
Stroussbourg Institute of Human Rights certificate earned 1993
Adelphi University, BA with Honors grad 1987 Garden City, Long Island


Maryland, Washington D.C., & Pennsylvania (inactive) State Bars, Supreme Court Bar; MD Ct. Appeals, DC Ct. Appeals, American Bar Association, American Intellectual Property Law Association, Montgomery County Bar Association Member & Continuing Ed. Lecturer, Montgomery County High Tech Committee, Alpha Epsilon Phi Fraternity


Stevan Lieberman is a Washington D.C. based attorney who spends most of his professional time focused on prosecution (applying for Patents, Trademarks & Copyrights), litigation in intellectual property law, especially domain name / Internet law and Internet Technologies and contractual issues. He has also been instrumental in other aspects of the domain name industry; including both registrar & registry setup and management, foreign corporation setup, participation in the Internet Commerce Association as well as representation of numerous members of the community on various matters.

Trademark and Patent Filings

Greenberg & Lieberman, LLC, has a strong track record in intellectual property law, having filed nearly 300 trademarks and over 560 patents by September 2011. This extensive experience underscores their expertise and dedication to protecting intellectual property rights.

Key Legal Cases

Early Successes

One of the firm’s early successes was in 1999 when Stevan Lieberman secured a dismissal in the copyright infringement case of Evan K. Aidman v. Mark S. Nelson due to lack of personal jurisdiction. That same year, Lieberman successfully moved to dismiss a patent infringement case in Molnlycke Health Care AB v. Dumex Medical Surgical, a notable decision in Internet law.

Trademark Infringement and Copyright Defense

In 2000, Stevan Lieberman represented the National Jewish Defense League (JDL) in a trademark infringement case against Mordechai Levy, which concluded in 2002 following the death of JDL chairman Irv Rubin. Lieberman also defended against copyright infringement in Studio Martis, B.V. v. Joseph D. Wager Smith.

Complex Trademark Matters

Lieberman tackled several complex trademark cases in the early 2000s, including Apache Boats v. Mark McManus and Ramfan Corporation v. Super Vacuum Manufacturing. In 2002, Lieberman’s work in Ramsey v. Schutt, et al. helped change Maryland’s legal requirements for contract liability.

UDRP and Trademark Infringement Disputes

From 2003 onwards, Stevan Lieberman handled numerous UDRP and trademark infringement disputes. He represented clients like Future Media Architects and Internet Development Corporation in various high-profile cases.

High-Profile Federal Cases

In 2005, Lieberman was involved in federal court mediation for Ariadne Genomics v. Stratagene California and handled a trademark case for Mastercard International Incorporated v. He also represented clients in UDRP cases, including EuroChannel, Inc. v. Mrs. Jello and RCS Recover Services v. John Laxton RL.COM.

Noteworthy Settlements and Defenses

In 2006, Lieberman achieved settlements in cases like H2Ocean v. Schmitt, April’s After-Care, and April’s Attic. He also handled significant UDRP disputes, including Equifax, Inc. v. The Tidewinds Group, Inc., Marchex v. Name Development Corp., and Thomas Weisel Partners Group, Inc. v. Tom Weisel House of Entertainment.

Significant Client Representations

In 2007, Stevan Lieberman represented businessman Antonis Polemitis in a Lanham Act case against Ville de Paris at the Virginia Eastern District Court. He also represented major firms in trademark matters, including Nike, Inc. v. Niyad Enterprise and Microsoft v. Domain Source, Inc..

Complex Trademark/Domain Matters

In 2008, Lieberman dealt with trademark/domain matters between Air China and and LG Electronics USA and He also handled a Second Life case between Chris Mead and Jakob Hyvarinen and several UDRP cases, such as Blue Magic, Inc. v. Johns Creak Software Inc. and Genzyme Corporation v. Abadaba S.A..

High-Profile Cases in 2009

In 2009, Lieberman represented Abadaba in a trademark dispute against Microsoft and the Broward Rehab Center Inc. v. Rafael Foss case. He also defended dentist Alex McMillan IV in a cybersquatting dispute, winning a favorable ruling in the Alexandria Circuit Court.

Recent Legal Activities

In 2010, Stevan Lieberman was involved in the John M. Smith vs. Gosmile, Inc. copyright case and began representing Amaretto Ranch Breedables, LLC v. Ozimals, Inc. in a copyright infringement case in the California Northern District Court. He also handled the Warren Weitzman v. Lead Networks trademark case and a UDRP case for The ERGO Baby, Inc. v. Amaya Lucy.

Ongoing and Notable Cases

As of 2011, Lieberman continued to represent clients in various UDRP and trademark cases, including ERGO v. Henghao Zhan Jianzong and Value Eyecare Network, Inc. v. Chengbiao Zhan. He also represented Rabbi Shmuel Herzfeld in a high-profile case involving a local election and the Jewish Passover.


Greenberg & Lieberman, LLC, with decades of experience, remains a leading firm in intellectual property law, known for their meticulous handling of patents, trademarks, and copyright cases. Their extensive portfolio of successful cases underscores their capability and commitment to protecting clients’ intellectual property rights. Contact Greenberg & Lieberman today to safeguard your innovative ideas and intellectual property.

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