Patent Search – Is your idea out there and can you get a patent?

Search for patents similar to your idea

Patents are granted daily. An idea like yours likely exists. If you don’t find it a government patent examiner will. Your best option to avoid rejection due to an idea discovered by a patent examiner is to conduct a Patent Search of your own before filing.

There are two ways to conduct the search process:

  1. If your search reveals a similar idea, weigh the risks associated with the exploitation of any differences between the ideas or simply drop the concept before investing additional time and money.
  2. Proceed with a pre-emptive strike. Include any similar search results in your application and argue for the uniqueness of your idea.

An inventor should conduct a patent search immediately after considering the pursuit of a patent. An excellent Web site dedicated to patent searches is

Our registered patent attorney, Michael L. Greenberg, has experience conducting patent searches and screening the results. Our close proximity to the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office enables our patent attorney to search relevant original records by hand, if requested.

Results: Once your search is completed, one of our patent attorney will review the results with you. Just because an existing idea is similar, does not necessarily mean your idea is not novel or unique. We will discuss all options during your consultation, but the ultimate decision to pursue a patent or drop the idea rests with you.



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So you have an awesome idea and maybe you’ve created the product or maybe you have not.  You do not need to have created the idea in order to obtain a patent, you just need to be know how to enable the idea, re: how to make it.

So where do you start?  The first thing you need to do is to call a patent attorney and ask him or her to do a patent search for you. You want to do the patent search first so you know what is out there in the world.  A patent search is research that is done before the filing of a patent application.

Once you file the patent application eventually your patent application will end up on a patent examiner’s desk and he or she will do a patent search themselves.  No patent search is perfect, especially if you do a screening search which is a lot less expensive than a full patentability search. A patent screening search is a patent search where your patent attorney searches for your idea / invention through the use of key words.  This is similar to the free patent search you can do yourself on Google except that, at least at Greenberg & Lieberman, our patent screening search includes international patent searching. A full patentability search is where your patent attorney searches for your idea by looking at every single patent in the class and sub-class where your invention might be found at the patent office.  As you can imagine the latter search is far more expensive.


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