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The Attorneys at Greenberg & Lieberman law firm focus on intellectual property and technology-related litigation. We will advise you of those rights, your chances of winning or losing and the possible costs involved while always taking into account your particular goals. We have been involved in FEDERAL LITIGATION AND STATE LITIGATION over patents, trademarks, copyrights, the right of privacy and publicity, domain names and numerous other subjects. Domain disputes (UDRP with the World Intellectual property organization (WIPO) and ) are often arbitrated under the rules promulgated by the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN).

Our attorneys are extremely experienced in negotiation which typically results in settlement agreements for our clients. But if it comes down to a trial, Greenberg & Lieberman attorneys are very comfortable in the courtroom. Although references are available, here are a few of the more interesting cases and associated orders in which we have been involved:

The following cases were directed by Greenberg & Lieberman LLC, and we were senior counsel. The named attorney was our local representative.

  • Evan K. Aidman, Plaintiff, V. Mark S. Nelson D-B-A Law Offices Of Mark S. Nelson (federal Court – settled) PDF
  • Molnlycke Health Care Ab, Plaintiff, V. Dumex Medicalsurgical Products Ltd. (federal Court – settled) PDF
  • Gary Zion v. (TTAB – settled – no order)
  •, Inc. v. Future Media Architects, Inc. (federal Court – domain name dispute – settled) PDF
  • Jensen Research v. Future Media Architects, Inc. (UDRP – domain name dispute – concluded) PDF
  • Amaretto Ranch Breedables, LLC v. Ozimals, Inc. (Our Client won the case).

Here’s some of the filings:

  1. 10-12-21 Doc 23 Plaintiff Supplemental Brief re Jurisdiction & Noerr-Pennington Doctrine
  2. 10-12-28 Doc 32 Motion for Preliminary Injunction
  3. 11-2-9 Doc 68 Amended Complaint
  4. 11-4-22 Doc 80 ORDER
  5. 11-01-7 Doc 49 Preliminary Injunction
  6. 11-7-11 Order re Motion to Dismiss 2

Greenberg & Lieberman also advises clients on how to avoid litigation before an issue arises. Prior to using a new, possibly innovative product, we can do a patent search. Prior to using a new trademark or service mark, we can search to see if anyone else is using a confusingly similar mark.

If you are an ISP, we can tell you how to modify your contracts and disclaimers to take advantage of the Digital Millennium Act’s Safe Harbor Provisions. If you own domain names, we can show you how to not be a cyber squatter, how to obtain trademarks in association with your most important domains and make sure the record shows that all of your registrations are made in good faith.

If you are in business or going into business, we can tell you the probable result of the signing of a contract or what will happen if you breach a previously signed contract. We are experienced in many other areas. Please do not hesitate to ask about any issue.


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