Do you have an idea to patent? Let us help you with your invention.

Do you have an idea to patent?  You want to get that idea filed for low cost, as fast as possible.

  • Can the idea be patented?
  • Want to be patent-pending as fast as possible?
  • How long does it take to prepare and file?

Get your idea written up and filed as fast as possible: These days, it is literally a race to the Patent Office. The day you file a patent application can mean everything.  Taking that into consideration, our Registered Patent Attorney tries to get a patent application filed for you in a matter of a week or two as opposed to months.  His goal is to get your name on your idea before someone else beats you to it.



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Patented ideas are granted everyday that come from such diverse origins as Individual inventors to teams working for large, international corporations. Patentable ideas sometimes are conceived by accident. Others are composed out of necessity. Some are calculated by corporate designers or professional inventors. Still, many others are merely passed down through family connections. The point is that ideas often translate into patents. And once an invention becomes patent pending through the filing of a patent application, the inventor is on the road to a potentially lucrative endeavor that is quite possibly unique and can become legally protected.

More than just a ‘better mousetrap’: Even the term “invention” can be misleading. The proverbial “better mousetrap” is often cited as the archetypical patented invention. Other like inventions include tools, games, toys, electronics, vehicle parts, high-tech devices and low-tech devices. However, methods of doing business such as online business methods, online social networks, stock analysis methods and new systems and methods for manufacturing are just a few examples of ideas that have fallen under the rubric of “invention.” The law is constantly changing on the patentability of some methods. Unique and non-obvious modifications to existing inventions also can be patented.

With strict confidentiality, Michael L. Greenberg, the Registered Patent Attorney at Greenberg & Lieberman, continues to guide people ranging from solo inventors to corporations around the world in determining whether their ideas have become patentable inventions.


Michael Greenberg, Registered Patent Attorney

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