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Patrick Carleton Geo Future LLC February 20, 2015

Stevan Lieberman’s reputation within the Internet / Domain name community as the attorney’s attorney is well deserved. His vast knowledge of IP law coupled with his innate ability to negotiate the best deal makes his services a must for anyone doing business on the Internet. Even more importantly, without the hassle of going through an army of staff, when you need him, he’s there for you.


Petr Míšek Head of Monetization, Elephant Orchestra and Elephant Group February 20, 2015

Stevan Lieberman has always been a great support for our business from its first steps. A dedicated professional, who is not above offering counsel and advice on friendly basis and someone you want to have on your side when you are in need. We have worked with Stevan since 2009 and there is nothing but satisfaction and gratitude when we look back all those years. Knowing that he is going to provide us support made us feel secure in our business endeavors and that is all we ever asked for.

Rosener Andrew

Rosener Andrew October 28, 2015

Stevan Lieberman is the best in the industry if you ask me, he is a beast, feisty little Jewish guy that rips out people’s hearts and bites it while it’s still beating.

David Shaheen, Partner, Burk & Reedy LLP

David Shaheen Partner, Burk & Reedy LLP February 20, 2015

You will rarely find someone so knowledgable in the quickly evolving areas of Internet domains AND Intellectual Property unless you have the good fortune to work with Stevan. He understands this business better than anyone I have ever met (and I have had the opportunity to work with many fine attorneys over the years). Stevan does exactly what should be done – he makes his client’s interest his priority and the rest proceeds from that point forward. December 24, 2007


Tom Moulton FACTS Engineering February 20, 2015

Greenberg and Lieberman have a unique ability to explain and simplify the patent process, from explaining what types of things are patentable to understanding our product. In our discussions they guided us to discover the foundational concept of the feature we are trying to protect. The net result gives us greater protection on longevity in our marketplace. We have also found that when discussing possible applications they are more focused on understanding the concept to insure it is patentable and defendable then just meeting the minimum requirements to get an application filed and collecting their required fees. Their attitude is refreshing in a field that can easily get expensive and drawn out if this type of care is not used in the early steps.

Alex McMillan IV DDS

Alex McMillan IV DDS February 20, 2015

Connectivity, clout, expert knowledge, and an incredibly nice individual to work with. Stevan Lieberman is the go-to guy in the Internet, IP, and Domain Name universe.

Pat Parks

Pat Park February 20, 2015

I am grateful to Greenberg & Lieberman for taking such great care of me. I was sued by a man I had never heard of and was completely innocent of what I was being accused of, and it was a tangled up mess. They acted swiftly and efficiently, and gave me the reassurance that I needed.

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March 28, 2017

You both have just been awesome to work with. I will keep your contact info

Quarksoft Logo

David Finkelstein President, February 20, 2015

Stevan provided fantastic guidance while our company was going through a trademark dispute. Would recommend him or his firm anytime.

Warren Weitzman CEO at Caramba LLC

Warren Weitzman Director / Caramba LLC February 20, 2015

Stevan gets positive results even when faced with a disastrous looking case. He’s been an asset to my business and an indispensable resource when it comes to negotiations, domain sales/acquisitions, trademark disputes and general corporate law. He even wrote our wills! Great guy, great results and always professional!

Hunley Media

Sean Stafford and Dan Kimball Hunley Media February 20, 2015

If you have a legal question and need an answer the Stevan Lieberman of Greenberg & Lieberman is the right person to call. He seems to be always available and if he doesn’t know the answer then he will know someone that does. His firm is highly recommended.


Ian Collier 1Plus Media Group February 20, 2015

What else can you say about Stevan thats not already known already around the worldwide internet publisher fraternity. Plain and simple, Stevan is one of only a handful of attorneys internet professionals regularly rely upon to do the business.. Personable and pragmatic and speaks your language. Highly recommended.

Oliver Eberle-Owner Vertical Logic

Oliver Eberle Owner, Vertical Logic February 20, 2015

Stevan expertly guided me through the process and pitfalls of filing my first patent and I highly recommend working with him. He is extremely pleasant to work with and the entire experience was a positive one. Where as most attorney’s are almost impossible to get in touch with, Stevan not only got back to me promptly but often called me during the process. If you need broad protection for your intellectual property and want the experience to be both pleasant and reasonably priced give him a call.


Tommy Butler February 20, 2015

Our business now rates Stevan as a close personal friend. The money and time he has saved us sorting out some legal info has been good. Excellent understanding of Trademark and IT law we would have been lost without his help. Listens to what we say and then sorts the problem would use again.

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