Fair Use and YouTube

Who could have foreseen the impact that a video of a dancing baby uploaded by his mother in 2007 would have so much impact on YouTube users and how the DCMA is interpreted? The DCMA law has been tested for … Continue reading

Suit Filed over Oscar Swag Bag Copyright

Los Angeles-based Distinctive Assets, known for handing out its so-called the “Oscar swag bag” to Academy Award Nominees in five categories, has been named in a lawsuit last Tuesday for infringement of Academy trademarks and logos. It also wants Distinctive … Continue reading

Internet Piracy Reaches New Heights

The bane of the motion picture industry, torrent website The Pirate Bay, has fired a shot across the bow of the Motion Picture Association of America (MPAA) and other copyright groups. The Pirate Bay has now released their new browser … Continue reading

Authors Guild Case May Reach Supreme Court

The Authors Guild’s long-running dispute with Google could be reaching a final conclusion in the coming weeks. All of it depends on whether or not Supreme Court decides to take up the case. At issue is Google’s scanning of books … Continue reading

Beastie Boys Settle Lawsuit with Monster Beverage Corp

The Beastie Boys have settled a suit that they brought against Monster Beverage Corp. They fought for their copyright, and now they have settled for a sizeable sum. The Beastie Boys sued Monster Beverage Corp after the company allegedly used … Continue reading

50 Cent Wins Copyright Lawsuit

Rap star and entrepreneur 50 Cent, AKA Curtis Jackson, has seen his fair share of a courtroom recently. After recently losing a case that caused him to file for Chapter 11 bankruptcy, he has scored a win that is in … Continue reading

Street Artists File Copyright Lawsuit Against Church

A Miami church is facing a copyright infringement lawsuit filed by eight street artists who donated their talent to paint striking murals at Jose de Diego, a struggling middle school in Wynwood. The donated murals were created by artists from … Continue reading

IP Disputes On the Rise in the UK

The internet has made our lives easier. We’re able to stay connected, research, and find recipes that allow us to cook meals. However, the internet has complicated some aspects of life. The number of court cases filed by small businesses … Continue reading

Michigan Rep. Takes Taylor Swift to Task

Copyrighting has been a part of marketing for a long while. People copyright everything from tag-lines for movies to catchphrases. Who can forget the developers of a certain popular Facebook game trying to copyright the word ‘candy’? But attempts to … Continue reading

Music Sampling Lawsuit Involves No. 1 Hit on Billboard

In the world of music, copyrights are important. Those who remember the 90s can recall that there was a large lawsuit between rapper Vanilla Ice and the writers of the song “Under Pressure,” which the rap artist was accused of … Continue reading

TPP Prompts Japan to Revise Copyright Laws

The controversial Trans-Pacific Partnership has prompted Japan to consider revising the copyright laws in their country. Many provisions are contained within the agreement pertaining to copyrights, patents and trademark protections. A provision extending the length of time a copyright protection … Continue reading

Donald Trump Moves to Defend Campaign Trademarks

The 2016 U.S. Election season is underway, but what does that have to do with IP protections? Sure, at least one candidate every cycle seems to use a song at a campaign event without permission but that’s not what we’re … Continue reading

Artist Sells Instagram Images for Tens of Thousands

An artist has some Instagram users up in arms over what they did with their images. Richard Prince, an artist, screengrabbed posts people made on Instagram, turned them into prints, and put them on display in the Frieze Gallery in … Continue reading

Know Infringement when you see it

Intellectual property can be confusing to a new business owner. It can be instructive to look at past intellectual property cases and see where and how infringement may have occurred so you can look for similar things in your future … Continue reading

Apple Spat Exposes IP Problems in Creative Industries

Many IP stories in the news revolve around technology and software, but IP fights happen in many creative fields as well. Today, we’re not going to be talking about piracy, but about Taylor Swift and her recent challenge to Apple … Continue reading

Taylor Swift Blasts Apple for IP Violation

Many IP stories in the news revolve around technology and software, but IP fights happen in many creative fields as well. Today we’re not going to be talking about piracy, but about Taylor Swift and her recent challenge to Apple … Continue reading

What do those Funny Trademark & Copyright Symbols Mean?

New business owners trying to wade into the pool of possible IP protections may soon find themselves very confused. Figuring out exactly which protections are necessary is vital. Do you need a patent or a trademark? How do I file … Continue reading

What Happens When Countries Disagree Over IP?

When companies or individuals are accused of stealing from each other, lawsuits happen. When countries do it, it’s not so simple. China has been accused of stealing IP from US sources for quite some time, but to call them out … Continue reading

What Happens When the Public Trademarks You?

Trademarks are normally developed through long marketing meetings and lots of brainstorming. Selecting a Trademark is often a difficult decision involving aesthetics, what appeals to the right demographic, and so on. Logos and marketing messages are all carefully crafted. But, … Continue reading

Watch Out for these IP Ownership Problems

Many startups don’t start with a formal business agreement. Instead, it’s just a small group of people with an idea. Perhaps it’s just one person with an idea and several others with business experience. Once multiple people are involved in … Continue reading


The Artists’ Rights and Theft Prevention Act of 2005 permits preregistration of certain types of unpublished works if it determines that such works have a history of infringement prior to commercial distribution. The purpose of preregistration is related to potential … Continue reading


Copyright laws were designed to recognize the creative rights — and their resultant profits — that artists and authors possess in the creative works they contribute to society. Accordingly, such works are protected against copyright infringement pursuant to U.S. copyright … Continue reading

Second Life TOS: A Partial Analysis and How to Protect your Digital Content

In November 2003, Linden announced that it would recognize participants’ full intellectual property protection for the digital content they created or otherwise owned in Second Life. As a result, Second Life avatars could from that point forward buy, own, and … Continue reading

Registered Copyright

Grounded in the US Constitution, US Copyright laws protects a creation that is fixed in a tangible medium. At the moment the creation is fixed, a copyright is automatically secured. That is, if someone stands up on the street and recites … Continue reading

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