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Lyft and Uber Involved in Trade Secrets Case

Ride sharing company Lyft Inc. is asking the courts to prevent their number one competitor in the ride service industry, Uber Technologies Inc., from accessing confidential information about its drivers. This is the latest in a case involving a data … Continue reading

Fair Use and YouTube

Who could have foreseen the impact that a video of a dancing baby uploaded by his mother in 2007 would have so much impact on YouTube users and how the DCMA is interpreted? The DCMA law has been tested for … Continue reading

How Tech Companies Hide Their IP From Competitors

Large tech companies run on secrecy. Just a leak about a proposed product can make other tech manufacturers rush to market or announce their own products around the same time to steal the thunder. Trademarks are especially vulnerable because they … Continue reading

Know Infringement when you see it

Intellectual property can be confusing to a new business owner. It can be instructive to look at past intellectual property cases and see where and how infringement may have occurred so you can look for similar things in your future … Continue reading

Burning Man and Quizno’s in IP Spat

The line of what constitutes fair use and parody can be a tricky one to find without help. Both parody and fair use protections are built into intellectual property laws, but they must follow certain rules as well. An interesting … Continue reading

Who Owns your IP?

Intellectual Property, or IP, is a very lucrative commodity in the digital age. Everyone with an idea, from entrepreneurs to business owners, has a stake in the game of intellectual property. IP can be a very difficult thing to define, … Continue reading

Are your Patents Strong Enough?

A trade magazine has expressed worry that many U.S. patents may not be as strong as they seem. IAM magazine quotes experts that say at least one in three intellectual property experts are concerned about the low-quality of U.S. patents. … Continue reading

What Happens in Countries with Few IP Protections?

IP protections online are very important, but there is also a culture of information freedom that is at odds with IP rights. Cries of “information must be free” are common among internet pirates. It can be instructive to see what … Continue reading

Always Read the Fine Print

A clause in a contract at the Small Biz Dev Hackathon caused an uproar on Facebook and an apology from the sponsor. A hackathon is an event where programmers get together to brainstorm new applications and develop them in a … Continue reading

Protect your IP if you want Venture Capital

Do venture capital firms care about IP protections? The answer is undoubtedly yes! For a new startup, the value of the IP may be 80%, 90%, or even more of the total valuation of the company. If that IP doesn’t … Continue reading

New Bill May Bring IP Back to US

Sometimes a company may decide to keep its IP in another country. A new bill has been introduced that may draw some of that IP back to the US. Representatives Charles Boustany, Jr. (R-La.) and Richard E. Neal (D. Mass.) … Continue reading

Developing Wearables? Protect your IP

One of the latest tech fields to come out of the gate is the field of smart wearables. These are wearable devices, from watches to socks, that do all sorts of things from measure heartbeat to provide smartphone-style interfaces like … Continue reading

Six Tips to Protect your IP Online

Do you want to know how to protect your IP from people who would steal it online? You could do worse than following the six tips in an article from Manufacturing Business Technology. In brief, the tips are: * Prioritize … Continue reading

Are you Using Open Source Software Properly?

Does your business use open source software? Most businesses use some form these days, but using open source software can open up some legal IP trouble if it’s used improperly. Let’s take a look at what open source software is … Continue reading

IP and Product Safety a Focus at European Commission Meeting

Most intellectual property rights battles are about securing the rights to get economic benefit from an idea, but there are other reasons as well. One of them is product safety. A knockoff product that tries to copy an original IP, … Continue reading

New IP Agreement Between Cellectics and the University of Minnesota

One of the ways that research universities generate income is through developing new intellectual property and licensing it to businesses. These agreements generally allow the university to continue development of the technology for the benefit of their students and for … Continue reading

Patent Re-examination can Help or Hinder your Case

If you are facing IP litigation, there are some strategies you can take to defend yourself. Sometimes a defendant accused of patent infringement might ask the court to stay the case while the U.S. Patent Office re-examines the patent for … Continue reading

Watch Out for Internal IP Theft

Legal protections for IP are crucial to the success of a business, but there are many ways that a company can fall from within due to IP theft. It only takes one malicious insider with access to sensitive information to … Continue reading

Is your Startup Performing Due Diligence on your IP?

An interview on Med City News has some good information for healthcare startups seeking to protect their intellectual property. Startups are vulnerable to IP theft from many different directions. If you have an idea that is central to your business … Continue reading

The Internet Business and Business Plan Patents

SPECIAL NOTE: The law regarding Internet Business & Business Plan Patents is currently in great flux. The following article was written years ago, when many Internet Business & Business Plan Patents were being granted. Please read only for historical significance. … Continue reading

Personal Finance for Business Owners

In the rush of day-to-day business activities, many small business owners may lose sight of what they had originally hoped to accomplish from their hard work. In addition, as a business grows over time, personal objectives that may have been … Continue reading

Business Continuation Planning for Succession

Successful business owners invest a great deal of time and effort in building their companies. With the day-to-day demands, it is often difficult to imagine stepping down for retirement. Yet, in order to help build financial security for retirement and … Continue reading

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